Kylie Jenner the Selfie Queen

Kylie's style is very down to down to earth, casual and urban. Kylie herself describes her style as "edgy", claiming that "leather and black and dark colors" are among her top wardrobe choice.

Cute Valentine's Day Cards!

This one is particularly cute and clever for Valentine's Day. It's a lovely thought combined with some yummy sweets. Now who wouldn't love this? See more!

The Best permanent Hair Removals

What is the best permanent hair removal products? Here's a ranked list!

1. Laser hair removal
The laser hair removal results are simply AMAZING. Smooth legs for MONTHS, not to mention that with more treatments, you hairs just eventually stop regrowing. Never having to worry about

Get Noticed by your Crush this Valentine's Day!

That special day is coming up. Don't get left behind! See how to turn heads this 2014 Valentine's Day and make him fall for you.

Lip Love! Some Fun Ideas for your Lips!

Lipstick can be one of the most under appreciated types of makeup out there. Often times, we're so busy trying to make other parts of our face look perfect. We put on foundation, do our eye makeup, and much more but then...