Kylie Jenner the Selfie Queen

Kylie's style is very down to down to earth, casual and urban. Kylie herself describes her style as "edgy", claiming that "leather and black and dark colors" are among her top wardrobe choice.

Check out some answers on her style Kylie gave to Teen Vogue in an interview with her sister!

How do your personal styles differ?
Kylie: Kendall's very beach-y and more sophisticated. I feel like I'm more edgy. I like a lot of leather and black and dark colors.

What are your wardrobe staples?
Kylie: I have a lot of boots. I'm a shoe person for sure. I also have this one leather jacket I got for Christmas from my sister Kim. I wear it with everything.

Do you raid each [Kendall's] closet? What about your older sisters'?
Kylie: I raid my Mom's closet a lot, since we have the same size shoes. She has great bags, and it's super convenient being two doors down the hall! Also, Kourtney will always help us put together some really cool unique looks if we have a special event. She could be a stylist!

What spring trends are you looking forward to?
Faded high-waisted shorts, floral prints, camo, and lots of denim.

Kylie has also been named the Queen of Instagram because of her prominent selfie shots! Check out some of our recent faves of her!

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