The Best permanent Hair Removals

What is the best permanent hair removal products? Here's a ranked list!

1. Laser hair removal
The laser hair removal results are simply AMAZING. Smooth legs for MONTHS, not to mention that with more treatments, you hairs just eventually stop regrowing. Never having to worry about
hair growth again? Um... yes! Laser hair removal doesn't really have any physically harmful cons. Most people worry about the laser hair removal cost. It's just a bit pricey but you can go on fixed payment plans and get the treatments for about the cost of a nice bag :)

2. Waxing. We all know waxing is fairly painful but the results last very long time (about a month or so of clear and smooth legs). There are different methods of waxing, one rising in popularity is sugar waxing. Sugar waxing also known as sugaring does not pull skin like traditional waxing and it A LOT less painful.

3. Depilatory creams
Nair, Veet, you've heard of 'em surely. These creams go on your legs for bout 3 minutes and leave them smooth for about a week. Although the problem is sometimes all the hair isn't removed in one go and a lot of people despise the smell of depilatory creams. But once you can get past those cons, these creams are a great pain free hair removal trick.

4. Shaving
Last on the list is shaving. I'd say that the convenience of shaving is all that it has. Shaving leaves you with cuts, razor bumps, in grown hairs and painful regrowth. It also lasts the same length of a depilatory cream but in my opinion, just more work. The worst!


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