Get Noticed by your Crush this Valentine's Day!

That special day is coming up. Don't get left behind! See how to turn heads this 2014 Valentine's Day and make him fall for you.

1. Does he like you? 
Does he get nervous around you? Does he give you "the look"? This Valentine's Day, see if your crush has the hots for you! If you're not sure, check out the signs that show he may like you: 10 Signs That a Guy Likes You. If you have a decent feeling that he may, read on!

2. Grab his Attention! 
Cute makeup and clothes are a MUST to impress! Here's some inspiration for Valentine's Day 2014 outfits:
Flirty but Sweet Valentine's Day Inspiration

Sassy Red Valentine's Day Inspiration

Flirty Red Valentine's Day

Sophisticated & Sexy Valentine's Date Night
For make up, you can keep it natural so that his focus is on you! ♥ See Best Natural Makeup for your Eye Color for some eye shadow inspiration. Since it's Valentine's Day, you wanna go big and classic with some deep red lipstick or nice and sweet with some pink lip gloss.

3. Hair
Your 2014 Valentine's Day 'do should be curls, curls and more CURLS! No other hairstyle embodies the romantic feelings that come with Valentine's Day other than curls! Leave your curls down for a more casual look, or pin it up for a sophisticated and sexy apparel. Here are some pretty ideas:

4.  Have a Valentine!
If you don't have a Valentine at the moment, don't fret! There's always time to go find you a honey! ;) It doesn't hurt to check out some free dating sites to meet someone from your area. You guys could go to a local venue for a little Valentine's Day date! Who knows, it end up being something more ;)

Stay Pretty!

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