Valentine's Day Nail Design Ideas

Once again, Valentine's Day is coming up ladies! Here are some fun and love-filling nail polish inspirations which will be sure to help you catch your sweetie!

Candle Light Love Nails

1. This nail style has a sweet and homey decoration feel to it. Beautiful for the creative types!

Love Letters
2. A cute and clever design. One that's especially easy to do! Impress your Valentine with the Love Letters nail polish!

Heart Stopper
3. Another cute one! The double pink color and hearts design is perfect for Valentine's Day. A really good choice :)

Heart Breaker
4. Be a little bold with the Heart Breaker design! I think it's cute, funny and original. Be spunky and let out a little sassiness! 

Emerald Love
5. This is no doubt a daring Valentine's Day design. It's fashion forward and unique for the independent types. I absolutely LOVE the gold heart split between the middle and index finger. It has a very modern look to it. I definitely recommend!

Be Mine
6. A new take on a classic Valentine's Day favorite! Write your favorite love quotes and Valentine sayings on these candy heart inspired nails! Then show 'em off to your sweetie ;)

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