How to get more views for your YouTube Beauty Channel

You've got a bunch of great ideas for down the road such as giveaways and subscriber events but how do you START to get to that point?

There are tons of general tips for getting more YouTube views and subscribers but today I will focus on building a beauty channel which features anything along the lines of makeup, skin and health care, fashion, and more.

1. Start with a YT name and stick to it.
Frequently changing names can cause you to lose your current progress! Let's face it, some youtubers can be a little lazy. They'll only keep up with what's in front of them. Changing your name from LovelyLips47 to FierceFashionista10 can cause people to forget about you. It's best to pick a name you can brand and stick to it!

2. Make videos and keep looking ahead.
THIS. IS. CRUCIAL. It's easy to lose sight of your goal when you're not seeing any subscribers pour in immediately. Remember that when your favorite YouTube beauty guru first started out, she probably didn't have many subscribers either. Many successful YT gurus such as Michelle Phan and bubzbeauty started their YouTube careers years ago. And think of it this way: if there's a well known YouTube beauty guru you've just discovered and she started making videos 2 or more years ago, look how long it took her to grab YOUR attention. There's always room for growth for everyone! So make it short, it will take some time to grow, accept it and move towards it. Tracking your progress may help keep you motivated.

3. Do Makeup Reviews
If you want to feature makeup products on your YouTube channel, you can start by reviewing new makeup products when they come out. Drugstore makeup is very easy for this method because they are affordable. Check out your fave makeup brand's website for newly released products and head down to the nearest drugstore to buy them! Review the product, tell viewers how well it works and if you would recommend buying it. Make sure your personality really shines because that will determine whether someone wants to subscribe to you or not! When commercials for your newly reviewed products come out, people will be interested and will want to check out reviews. When they YouTube search, say, "L'Oreal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara review" they will have a better chance of seeing your video! This method also works with new hair products and things similar to this.

4. Get Ahead of the Fashion Trend
If you're doing fashion or clothing related YT videos, try to make some seasonal fashion guides a little bit before the season starts that way when people look up "spring fashion 2014", they have a better chance of seeing your video. It's important to include the year in your video title because people always want the most recent fashion trends.

5. Titles and Descriptions Matter
Don't just name your video "my makeup video" or something like that. People don't know who you are (on YouTube) yet! Also when you're naming your video, include the topic of your video in the BOTH title and description as early as possible so that YouTube can register the keywords better. So if you were reviewing Cover Girl's Clump Crusher, you should put that in the title and description with the title being something like "Cover Girl Clump Crusher Review" as a opposed to "My review of Cover Girl's Clump Crusher". See the difference? :)

I hope my 5 tips help you in pursuing your YouTube beauty channel dream! Leave any comments.

Stay Pretty

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