Best Natural Makeup Remover for Oily Skin , Dry Skin and Sensitive Skin

All of us take great pains to look beautiful. Makeup products come in really handy in hiding our flaws and accentuating our assets. We spend hours in front of the mirror shaping our eyebrows with a pencil and curling our lashes with a mascara. Painting our lips and concealing our wrinkles becomes a part of our routine. Water proof makeup products make sure that our efforts get paid by holding on our makeup throughout the day. But what happens at night, when you return home, tired from work? Do you take as much efforts to remove your makeup or you simply slump onto the bed and doze off? Many of you might have tried to remove your eye makeup with soap and water and ended up looking like a raccoon. If you want to really free your skin of makeup, without damaging it, you need to go for the best makeup remover available for your individual skin type. More on skin care.

There are many hazards of sleeping with your makeup on. The ingredients in foundation, blush or lipstick may irritate your skin and clog your pores. This may result in acne outbreak. Eye makeup can be particularly dangerous as the cosmetic ingredients may enter your eyes and cause several infections. Allowing these cosmetics on your skin for more than the intended time can cause irreversible damage to your skin. Hence, it is a must to chalk out a makeup removal routine and adhere to it. More on eye makeup remover.

Best Makeup Remover for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin you sure must be using makeup products especially formulated for sensitive skin. However, it is equally important to choose a makeup remover that caters to the need of your skin type. Since, sensitive skin tends to get irritated easily, a natural cleanser is apt for such skin type. Olive oil, jojoba oil, castor oil are some natural makeup removers for sensitive skin. If you are going for commercially available makeup removal products, make sure it is free from alcohol and perfuming agents. Alcohol dries up the skin and makes it itchy, which can be a problem with sensitive skin. More on lip makeup remover.

Best Makeup Remover for Dry Skin

Most makeup removers for sensitive skin also work for dry skin. Cleansing milk is one of the most effective makeup removal product for dry skin. It gently removes the makeup and cleanses the skin, so that no residue is left. Dry skin also benefits a great deal from using natural makeup removers mentioned above. Alcohol based products are harmful for dry skin, hence go for oil based products. Oil based products are apt for dry skin as these products dissolve the oil in the makeup products.

Best Makeup Remover for Oily Skin

Best makeup remover for acne prone skin or oily skin is the one which does not leave a greasy feel behind. Thus, oil based makeup removal products are definitely not for oily or acne prone skin. Oil based makeup removers indeed remove the makeup effectively, but they often leave an oily, greasy residue behind. This may clog your pores and lead to more acne. Hence, if you must use them, always remember to wash off these products from your face. Alcohol based makeup removers work well for oily skin type.

Makeup removers are also available in pads and towelettes. These pads are saturated with cleanser, hence you only have to wipe them off your face. They are very effective in removing waterproof eye makeup. These makeup removal products are also very convenient to use while traveling. The other makeup removal products come in the form of gels or liquids and you need to apply them with a cotton ball.

A best makeup remover gently removes the makeup and prepares the skin, so that you can apply new makeup on it, the next day. Keep your makeup removal routine simple so that you are likely to follow it.

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