Fantasy Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Step By Step Instructions And Pictures

Fantasy Eye Makeup Tutorial – With Step By Step Instructions And Pictures

By Dr. Sahiba


We have all grown up seeing Disney princesses. Have you ever noticed their eye makeup? Isn’t it colorful and vibrant? Doesn’t it look glamorous and dream-like? When we fantasize ourselves wearing beautiful dresses and ball gowns like them, why can’t we do eye makeup similar to what they wear?
Jasmine from “Arabian nights” is always seen wearing a blue dress and makeup. Picking up similar colors, I have tried creating my version of jasmine inspired makeup. The step by step tutorial is given below:

Step 1:

makeup 1

Let’s start with concealed eyes and groomed eye brows. I have used Colorbar Stick Concealer in the lightest shade and Rimmel London eye brow pencil in the shade, black brown.

Step 2:

makeup 2

Now apply a light blue eye shadow all over your eye lids. Instead of eye shadow, I have used Anna Andre’s eyeliner 60299 for this step. Please be very careful not go beyond the crease area.

Step 3:

makeup 3

The next step is to apply a beige-silver shade in metallic finish over the inner one third portion of your eye lid. I have used L’Oreal Paris Infallible eye shadow, and used the shade Hourglass Beige. Here, carefully pat the eye shadow over the inner one third portions of your eye lids instead of sweeping it as is usually done.

Step 4:

makeup 4

It’s the time now to apply a darker metallic blue on the outer one third portion of your eye lid. I have used L’Oreal Paris Color Infallible eye shadow in the shade All Night Blue. I use this brand repeatedly because of the long wearing quality of the product plus the excellent shade blending into the look I want.

Step 5:

makeup 5

Now take a blending brush and blend all the three shades softly and gently so that no harsh lines are seen. The finished look is important; it should not look like there are various shades used but a blend of many shades merging smoothly into each other. At the same time do not sweep too much, so that the shine of these shadows are not lost and kept within boundaries.
Also, apply the same blue eye shadow over the outer 1/3rd of the lower lash line as well. This will complete the whole look, and avoid the color standing out.

Step 6:

makeup 6

This step entails lining your upper eyelids using a turquoise-teal blue eye liner. Use it deftly yet gently. Extend the eyeliner to create a swirl pattern upwards beyond the lash line. The eye looks good with this touch, and yes, slightly theatrical or dramatic. But then that is the theme of our eye makeup today. I have used Inglot Gel eyeliner in the shade 87. This is the best I have found, after trying out various shades, to achieve the look we have decided upon in the beginning.

Step 7:

makeup 7

The very careful steps happen now. Line your waterline with blue kohl. I have used Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner in the shade, yes, you guessed it, and it’s MysteriousBlue.

Step 8:

makeup 8

Now to lift up the whole look, apply a highlighter below the brow bone and on the inner corner and tear duct of the eye. I have used the product Inglot Freedom System eye shadow no. 30.

Step 9:

makeup 9

Now it’s time for the final step. Just curl your eye lashes and apply mascara. Since I have used everything blue here, the mascara is also Navy Blue from Inglot. And this time it’s not a very dramatic one. You may even use black dramatic mascara or better still, you can bring out those false eye lashes.

makeup 10

So this is the finished look. Amazing isn’t it? This is a Jasmine-inspired fantasy eye makeup; just perfect for theme parties. If you want it to be a little less dramatic, just take out the outer swirl pattern and you are ready for a cocktail party!