Can Muslim girls wear make up?

Here's one answer:
"Most scholars tell us that make-up for beautification is not permissible however it gets sketchy when you go deeper than that. Especially if someone has a skin condition or a birth mark that draws a lot of attention to them some say it's better for them to wear a foundation to make their skin look normal and draw less attention. When we wear make-up outside the home it is supposed to be minimal and look natural not look like lady gaga or be enough to really be noticeable or draw attention."

Eren from discusses the natural trend in today's beauty standards:

Just like with Barbie or “Muslim” Barbie, the cosmetics industry calls for particular standards. It teaches us that “whiter” is more valuable, even when the majority of the market is non-white, and it also endorses that Western is better (many of us still believe that French equals better cosmetics, Chanel being one example).

The reality is that this is an industry that it is not about to change. The companies involved strongly rely on the fact that we follow their trends and accept their imaging. However, there are alternatives out there. Most countries have locally produced cosmetics, and while I cannot speak for all of them, I can tell you that Mexico produces some excellent no-name avocado oil mascaras and eye liners!

So the answer is yes, Muslims can wear make up but they should be cautious when shopping with Western trends, as these trends tend to favor certain aspects of beauty. All women are beautiful, use what will help you fully enhance yourself!